The Apostolic Johannite Church only lists clergy or lay leaders who are currently licensed for active ministry or who have retired from active status with a license in good standing. 

The Patriarchate

Sovereign Pontiff and Patriarch,
Primate, Ecclesia Gnostica Joanita of N. America Abbot, Order of the Temple and Saint John Archbishop of Alberta

The Episcopacy

Most Rev. Mar Thomas, Ph.D,
Primate of the United States of America
Archbishop of Wisconsin
Rector, St. Michael the Archangel Parish,
Kenosha, WI

Most Rev. Mar Timotheos, Ph.D,
Bishop of New South Wales, Australia
Rector-St. Uriel the Archangel Parish,
Sydney, Australia

Most Rev. Mar Iacomus, STL
Auxiliary Bishop of the United States
Prefect, Liturgical Rites

Rector, Our Lady of the Woods, McMinneville, OR

Most Rev, Mar Symeon, STL, KCTSJ
Auxiliary Bishop of the United States
Prior of the Oblates of St. John
Rector. St. Mary Magdalene Parish,
Littleton, Colorado

The Priesthood

Monsignor Jordan Stratford, OSE, STL
Archpriest and Prefect, Ecumenical Relations
Rector, Regina Coeli Parish, Victoria, BC

Very Rev. Father Anthony Silvia
Archpriest and Rector, St. Sarah the Egyptian Parish, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Rev. Father John DiGilio, AC, JD
Rector, St. Joachim Parish, Los Angeles, California

The Diaconate

Rev. Deacon Jason Campbell
Rector, Rose Cross Community, Portland, OR.

Rev. Deacon Jonathan Stewart
Leader, Holy Grail Community
Montreal, Que

Rev. Deacon Bryan Garner
Assistant- St. Mary Magdalene Parish
Denver, Colorado

Rev. Deacon Angie Wisk-Nowell
Assistant- Parish of St. Joseph of Arimathea

Calgary, Alberta 

The Rev. Deacon Joseph Revels
Rector, St John the Baptist Parish,
Calhoun, GA

The Subdiaconate

Rev. Subdeacon Cherry Russell
Assistant, St. Sarah the Egyptian Parish,
Boston, MA

Rev. Subdeacon Karen Weaver, KTSJ
Assistant, St. Mary Magdalene Parish,
Denver, CO

Narthex Leaders

The Rev Mr. Jonathan Masters
Leader, St Gerasimos Narthex,
Penn State, PA

William Branch
Leader, St Hildegard Narthex,
Plano, Texas

Thomas Mikeska, Ph.D
Co-Leader, Holy Sophia Narthex
Melbourne, Australia

Brenden Humberdross
Leader, Throne of Wisdom Narthex

Maryborough, Australia

Joanne Leone
Co-Leader, Holy Sophia Narthex
Melbourne, Australia

Retired Clergy

Most Rev. Mar Calixto Andreas, Ep.Gn
Primate of Spain,  Archbishop of Madrid

Monsignor Lance Hoddinott, RN
Calgary, Alberta

Rev. Father Stuart Berry, Ed.D
Victoria, British Columbia

Memory Eternal

Rev. Subdeacon Juliana Eimer, Ph.D. Subdeacon and Assistant to the Primate of the United States and St. Michael’s Parish, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Rev. Ms. Constance Crain,
Assistant and Acolyte,
Rose Cross Community,
Portland, Oregon