Memory Eternal: The Rev. Dr. Juliana Eimer

The Reverend Dr
Juliana Eimer

Juliana was a native of British Columbia Canada and had strong roots there returning to visit family several times a year. She earned her BA in Philosophy from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick and then received her PhD in Philosophy at Penn State University, where she met her husband Will Behun. In 2010 they moved to Kenosha WI and began teaching together at St Xavier University and at McHenry County College. Her dissertation was, appropriately, on love; she was a person who loved deeply and thought profoundly. She was never without a book or four and spending time reading and in libraries was one of her greatest joys. She loved to spend time at the Chicago Botanic Gardens where she was a member and supporter for years. Her students will remember her excitement about various events at the garden which she loved to share. Most of all, she loved her family, her parents Al and Carolyn, her sister Jessica and son Rowan, all of British Columbia, and her family here in Illinois: her husband Will and step children Dylan and Paige. She expressed that love constantly and in so many ways. No one who knew her ever doubted how she felt. 

Juliana also was a person of deep spirituality and served as subdeacon at St Michael’s Parish of the Apostolic Johannite Church, and regularly presented at the AJC annual conclaves. She was deeply committed to the idea that philosophy could make a difference in the lives of her students and constantly sought ways to incorporate that into her classroom. Her family, colleagues, students and friends will always remember her as the quirky, punky, brilliant, loving, and generous woman that she was, and her influence on so many lives will last forever.