Is the AJC Right for me? 


The AJC website, blogs and essays give a sense of the theology and practise of the church, but the best way to learn about the AJC is to attend one of our services and meet our people.  The AJC is more than just the liturgy, it is a community of believers engaged in a wide variety of spiritual practises.  All parishes and narthexes hold regular services and most also meet informally for discussions, chats and workshops.

If you really want to get a sense of the AJC as a whole, our annual Conclave is always open to visitors:  at Conclave you would have a chance to see several variations of the Johannite liturgy, meet clergy and laity from all over the world, and be a part of world-class panels, papers and workshops.

If you are interested in joining the AJC either as a layperson or as a potential member of our clergy and are too far from a local parish or narthex, arrangements can be made to correspond with a member of the clergy who will be happy to answer any questions.  We do not honour requests for electronic or print copies of our liturgies outside of this context, as the liturgy is not a piece of literature or an historical document that can be examined in a vacuum: it must be understood within the context of a living community and a living tradition.

We also welcome scholarly and journalistic inquiries, and hope to satisfy such inquiries in the same way.  Please know that in matters of church-wide policy or doctrine, only the Patriarch or members of the Apostolic Council speak on behalf of the AJC.

It is reasonable to want to know as much about the AJC before committing to a spiritual journey with us:  Gnosticism isn’t for spectators; it demands active involvement and participation.

The members of the church are eager to answer questions about their own spiritual life in the AJC, and will refer questions which demand an authoritative statement on church policies and doctrines to the appropriate authority.

You will find the AJC open and eager to share and we welcome all earnest and sincere seekers