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MI IV LogoInitiated by the Baptist, transmitted by the Apostle, and restored in the modern era, the Apostolic Johannite Church enacts the Johannite Tradition through an esoteric, Gnostic and Christian path of spiritual understanding and self-discovery. Ignited in community, nurtured by individual practice, and fed by service, the Sacred Flame of Gnosis embodied in the tradition of the Holy Saints John, lives anew through the work of the Apostolic Johannite Church.

Standing at the forefront of this path in the modern age, the Apostolic Johannite Church has centres and activities in numerous cities and countries, with lectures, workshops, articles and educational resources online. 

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May the light of the Sacred Flame illuminate your path.

The Community of the Beloved Disciple

Calgary, Montreal

United States
Atlanta, Boston, Boulder, Buffalo Junction, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Denver, Los Angeles, Plano, Portland

Brisbane, Maryborough, Melbourne, Sydney, Toowoomba