The Rev. Father Brenden Humberdross, KCTSJ, B.Ed, GradDipTh

Bishop-Elect Brenden Humberdross, KCTSJ, B.Ed GradDipTh
Bishop-Elect of Queensland, Australia
Rector, Parish of St Teresa of Avila
Brisbane, Australia

Brenden Humberdross is a native of Queensland, Australia experiencing its vastness as his family moved for his father’s work. His parents always encouraged an open approach to religion as a personal matter.

As Brenden grew he gained a natural inquisitiveness about religion and at the age of 10 began activelydeveloping his own faith. His curiosity has taken him through many different phases of personal developmentand has led to a deep personal faith, a life long love, and an academic interest in religion and spirituality.

This passion led to Brenden to study and receive a Post Graduate Diploma in theology from Charles Strut University and to being ordained a Deacon and a Priest in the Independent Sacramental Movement. His continued work on his own spirituality and experience with the Divine brought him to the AJC. In his time with the AJC (while studying for licensing as a Priest) he has assisted Mar Timotheos in administering St Theresa Mission (Brisbane) and founding Throne of Wisdom Narthex in Maryborough.

Brenden has an interest in the Western Mystery tradition having taken degrees in a number of Masonic bodies, is a member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, and a Neophyte in the tradition of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

In his secular life Brenden has studied education at both an undergraduate and post-graduate level and has 18 years of teaching experience across a variety of schools and subjects. Brenden and his wife Monique live in Maryborough where they raise their blended family of 6 children.

Brenden serves the communities of southern Queensland as the first Rector of St Theresa Parish (Brisbane); with missions in both Maryborough and Toowoomba.