The Rev. Ms. Joanne Leone

The Rev. Ms. Joanne Leone
Holy Sophia Narthex,
Melbourne, Australia

Joanne Leone has been involved with the Apostolic Johannite Church since 2019 and serves as co-leader of the Holy Sophia Narthex in Melbourne, Australia. Joanne has recently become a Seminarian of St Raphael’s theological seminary and is called to serve the Gnostic community via the pathway of teaching and advocacy for the divine feminine.

Joanne is a researcher, archaeologist, and ancient historian and is currently writing her thesis on the Roman mystery cults of the goddess Isis. She has a deep love of antiquity and spends her time researching religious and mystical traditions of the Hellenistic and Roman periods, including the many iterations of Gnosticism, Paganism, and Hellenistic Judaism.

Joanne has a passion for the esoteric and mystical and is an initiate of several groups and esoteric Orders. She is particularly fond of Neoplatonism and has devoted her life to the pursuit of wisdom and gnosis.


The Divine Feminine in Sethian Gnosticism
In the image of God: Angelic creation of the psychic body in the Apocryphon of John (Forthcoming)