MI IV LogoIt is the practice of the Apostolic Johannite Church to not comment on politics. 

This is also something that I have personally embraced as a part of my Patriarchate. No one should be wondering if they are going to feel welcome or not in the Apostolic Johannite Church by comparing their political views to that of its Patriarch.

The gist of this is that the Patriarch of the Apostolic Johannite Church has no public opinions in this regard to ensure that everyone who comes to our door is as welcome as we can make them. 

The thing we do talk about though, is inclusivity. It isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are, how we got here and the centre point from which we operate, meet the world, each other and in time, ourselves. 

The Church is a place where you can embrace the labels you choose or discard the ones chosen for you, and where we embrace the right and joy for others to do the same, meeting the Divine and coming to a richer knowledge of oneself in the process. 

I am a Canadian by birth but I am a Gnostic by faith, choice and knowledge of the Sacred Flame.

This faith, this choice, this knowledge, distills itself down to one single abiding, blazing, realization- the Sacred Flame burns in me and also in each and every one of you. It burns in those we know, those we don’t, those we love, those we don’t, those who welcome us, those who don’t. 

Every single parish and narthex of the Apostolic Johannite Church welcomes you, every single priest, deacon and Bishop welcomes you, every sister and brother welcomes you. I welcome you. 

If you feel scared, if you feel confused, if you feel unwelcome because of a new and disheartening direction the world seems to be taking, then know at least that where there is even but one of us, there are all of us. And you are welcome with us.

Sovereign Pontiff and Patriarch
The Apostolic Johannite Church