MI IV LogoFor many years, the Apostolic Johannite Church has demonstrated a commitment to quality Gnostic education- through the speakers, lectures and workshops of its annual Conclave, to St. Raphael the Archangel Theological Seminary and the many volumes of excellent material from our clergy and laity. This spirit of learning is also reflected in the intellectual curiosity, and drive of our members.

From point to point across the Apostolic Johannite Church’s geography and from year to year in events like Conclave, we do our best to provide greater opportunities for both our members and the wider Gnostic movement- to learn, grow, and connect- with themselves, with each other and with the Divine, through the exploration of Gnosticism and its many sister subjects.

That’s why the Apostolic Johannite Church is pleased to announce the acquisition of the GnosticNYC Network, now to be known as the Gnostic Wisdom Network.

Under the creative vision and leadership of Fr. Tony Silvia, and across hundreds of hours of great content, Gnostics and seekers of all stripes have enjoyed the great education, guests and topics from the Network’s programs.  From the flagship program of Talk Gnosis and deep dialogue of Talk Gnosis After Dark- with Bro Jonathan Stewart and Bishops Canterbury and Petersen, to the insight of Very Rev. Silvia’s Vlog and the esoteric exploration of the Lost Word (Together with Greg Kaminsky of the Occult of Personality Podcast) , the Network has brought quality content to viewers and listeners week after week.

We’ve been proud to support the Network and these programs as they have grown- and today, we’re prouder still to see their efforts joined with ours.

As a part of that effort, Fr. Tony and his great team will continue to not only bring you the education, insight and humour that has made the Network what it is, but we’ll also be looking at collaborating on new opportunities and content designed to keep raising the bar that both the Apostolic Johannite Church and the Gnostic Wisdom Network are known for- educating, entertaining and enriching Gnostic education across the Gnostic movement.

The Apostolic Johannite Church is excited about both this step and the many opportunities this presents, and we’re especially excited to continue to demonstrate our commitment to Gnostic education through them.  

GnosticNYC itself will continue on as a separate organization with lectures and activities in the New York area but with no ties to the Apostolic Johannite Church