MI IV LogoSisters and Brothers,

On behalf of His Grace, the Primate of the United States and the clergy of the Apostolic Johannite Church, it is with deep sadness that I relay here the sudden passing of the Rev. Dr. Juliana Eimer, Subdeacon at St. Michael’s Parish, teacher and philosopher, beloved friend and wife of our very dear brother, His Grace, the Primate of the United States, Dr. William Behun. 

On behalf of the whole of the Apostolic Johannite Church, its parishes, narthexes and missions, clergy and laity, our condolences go out to His Grace and their family, and out of respect for them, I ask that you be mindful of their privacy and time in the next while to come. 13092138_10153975420585935_5768413318576077558_n

Speaking personally, I first met Juliana in 2009, at Conclave in Essex, MA. She was kind, funny, and utterly brilliant, and every bit the match and soulmate of my brother-in-Christ, His Grace, the Primate, Dr. William Behun. You didn’t need to be as close to them as I count myself blessed to be, to see it. 

This would only deepen with time- such that when I was privileged to see them at the altar of Matrimony, it was a fait accompli. Sacramental theology reminds us that it is the couple themselves that make the sacrament here, and truly the Divine was present throughout their great love and time together. 

There are very few times where I truly feel comfortable speaking on behalf of many people, but in this I feel I can speak with absolutely confidence- our lives, our minds, our hearts and our communities were made richer, smarter, deeper and fuller for her presence, and the sense of loss, now and in the years to come, will be greater than these meager lines can convey in this moment in time.

10501782_10153383208821350_6219436796495006573_nLastly- many times I heard Jules speak with passion about the great teachers and travellers on the path, and it is to her own teaching and passion now that my mind draws upward to think about that greatest of symbols of our all too small community- the Sacred Flame.

It was a beacon in her, and it burns yet still, and in that, she will never be far from the hearts of those who are left to mourn. Be kind to each other, and light a candle for her, His Grace the Primate, and their family. 

Memorial liturgies will be held across the Apostolic Johannite Church. 

Sovereign Pontiff and Patriarch
The Apostolic Johannite Church