It is with profound sadness that the Apostolic Johannite Church has received news of the passing of the Most Rev. Rosamonde Miller, Presiding Bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum. 

Our deepest condolences to her beloved husband, David, her family and the exemplary clergy and people of the Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum.

I first had the opportunity to spend time with Her Grace at the mother parish of the Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum, the Gnostic Sanctuary, in 2007 on a visit to San Francisco. This was followed the year after by a visit of the Hierarchy of the Apostolic Johannite Church to the Gnostic Sanctuary as a part of our 2008 Conclave. These weren’t the events that began the friendship between our communities though, they were the result of it and this friendship has burned brightly ever since.

This friendship, warmth and real spiritual embrace wasn’t just limited to myself or our community as a whole however, she kindled deep friendships and bonds with many of our clergy and laity of their own accord – it was after all, how we would come to meet, and the depth of loss is felt profoundly across the clergy and laity of the Apostolic Johannite Church.

More profound however than the loss to our own community and work, is the depth of loss to the Gnostic Ecclesia, the Independent Sacramental Movement and the world at large – her rich history of front line on the ground ministry, spiritual exploration, ecumenical and interfaith work, and compassionate service to the vulnerable and those most in need was both wide and deep.

It is near impossible to overstate this.

Each of these aspects of her work was pursued to such a degree that you could be convinced that it was the only thing she did, and yet she did all of them with depth, sincerity, love and fearlessness. 

Standing shoulder to shoulder in accomplishment with this exemplary and humble service to humanity, was her service to the tradition of the Divine Feminine personified in both the Holy Sophia and Mary Magdalene alike, A tradition to which she was all at once, principal heir, principal proponent, towering lighthouse and unflagging standard bearer – giving voice and face, flame and spirit, and most clearly to all who knew her, hand and heart, to that most neglected of voices in the spiritual traditions of the West.

The only thing comparable to the magnitude of her presence and work, is the degree of the loss which we now feel.

Yet, that darkness when pitted against the flame of her service, strength of her character, and warmth of her heart, is a barrier that cannot stand, and that like the doors of so many hearts that opened because of the path she made, that darkness too will fall away by her presence in eternity.

In her memory, and in recognition of her service, the Apostolic Johannite Church shall conduct memorial liturgies across all of its parishes, narthexes and missions in place of their next regular service.

Sovereign Pontiff and Patriarch
The Apostolic Johannite Church