Yet more topic ideas

Votive candles and statue of St Mary

Lots of people gave great written responses to the list of more topics. Here’s a few that came up:

  1. interacting constructively with different faith groups, especially hostile ones
  2. vestments and gear
  3. roles of bishop, priest and deacon and the minor orders
  4. what is the theology of the practices we do?
  5. related organizations and overlaps, other Gnostic churches, Golden Dawn or Rosicrucian orders, etc.
  6. practices for solitaries
  7. comparisons to other forms of Christianity
  8. a review of Ken Wilber’s theories of development – do religions grow up?
  9. what’s different between Johannites, Christians and Gnostics?
  10. who are the major historical characters?
  11. who are the people we mention in the Eucharist service, both the Templars and the Saints?
  12. legend, myth and prophecy about the Johannite Church
  13. medieval ritual magic
  14. community and pastoral care
  15. practical meditative practices and daily prayers
  16. what is the difference between the AJC search for meaning and that of the traditional christian churches?

Some of these topics will work their way into existing courses. Some of them will wind up on the “Later” list. They’re all great!