Johannite Concepts – October Update

September was busier than I anticipated and the amount of material to get through to prepare this initial course took a little longer than planned. October is busier still, so the doors will not be opening this week as suggested.

However, course prep continues and the topic outline of this initial course is firming up. I’ll post updates as I get closer to releasing the first few lessons over the next four weeks.

Here’s an initial topic outline:

  1. brief synopsis of the Johannite tradition – origins, touchpoints, key Johannite figures and the “orienting core” of the tradition
  2. the Johannine corpus – a light overview of key scriptures, the concept of an “open canon”
  3. the immediate focus of the AJC – why we are and where we came from
  4. a deep investigation of the nine principles in the Statement of Principles
  5. “why so churchy” – vestments, liturgy and the sacraments from a gnostic perspective
  6. gnostic, esoteric and christian – what distinguishes us from other churches, what connects us
  7. Big Greek Theology: realized eschatology, gnostic soteriology, high christology – what all that means and why it matters
  8. a brief survey of relevant spiritual practice (to be expanded in a later course)

Some of those topics will be broken over several lessons. Some of this will be lectures and notes, but a lot of it I will also encourage you to research yourself and share your research in a forum for the course.

This is going to be fun!

Tim Mansfield
Bishop of New South Wales
Bishop Tim is the rector of the Parish of St Uriel the Archangel in Sydney and Bishop of New South Wales. He serves on the Apostolic Council of the AJC. He was ordained in 2008 and consecrated to the episcopacy in 2012.
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