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The Practice of Divine Love

Early in Father Tony’s book Sanctuary of the Sacred Flame, there’s a little gem of a practice somewhat hidden in the Johannite Basics chapter. Father Tony introduces the practice by describing the important word, “agape”. One very important part of Johannite spirituality is the concept of Divine Love, or Agape. We find this concept spelled…

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The Office of the Hours

The Office of the Hours is a cycle of daily prayers used by monastics all over the world. Each major Christian denomination has a form of the daily office, though they go by different names. … including the AJC. Our daily office has, until recently, only been available in hardcopy to members of local groups. In…

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The Johannite Rosary

A few days ago, Father Tony Silvia posted the text of the “Johannite Rosary” on his blog. This practice is one of the most popular practices in Fr Tony’s book so, given that Johannite practice is the focal topic of the school this year, I thought I’d add a little detail and pass it on,…

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