Foundations of Gnostic Theology

This free ten part course will explore the principles Gnostic theology from the first century CE to today. This course does not necessarily reflect the teachings of the Johannite Church, but instead covers a broad variety of Gnostic thought. The learner is encouraged to draw their own conclusions as to the usefulness of this material.

This is the first time this course is being offered. It will be delivered in a series of ten two-hour (or less) lectures starting Tuesday June 9th at 9pm EDT and going for ten weeks on the following Tuesdays. Lectures will be delivered by Zoom, and links to the Zoom meetings are in the individual lessons. Lecture attendance is not mandatory, they will be recorded and posted in the lessons, but it is encouraged.

Special thanks to Clark Aitkins, Deacon Jonathan Stewart, Most Rev. Timothy Mansfield, and many others for their help on this course

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