Format and pace of Johannite School

Crucifix on a stand

From the surveys we sent out, we could work out a few things:

  • most people (60%) wanted self-paced courses
  • most people wanted it delivered through a web platform
  • most people would be OK with it coming view email
  • most people liked videos as a medium, some people preferred text
  • most people don’t want conference calls (three respondents called them “horrible”)

So, as a starting point, we’re delivering the courses through this simple, website. They will be mostly video courses with some notes and a quiz or two. We’ll start small and gradually increase the resources available for each course as we go.

Over time, other format options may become available.

We’re going to have forums available for each course where you can talk to other students and get questions answered. For the first time through each course, we’ll probably organise a couple of video meetings to handle any issues that come up.

Any questions? For now, ask them in the AJC Facebook Group.