Updates to the Intro course

We launched the first course – Introduction to Johannite Concepts and Theology – for Johannite School late last year and it’s been going pretty well. We have over 140 students, the forums have regular discussion and quite a few people have completed the whole course.

I’m planning a couple of upgrades to the course quite soon.

First, I’m developing a couple of new units, one about Mary the mother of Jesus and the other about Mary Magdalene. These will go in the same module as the John the Baptist, John the Beloved units and, like those, will be focused on engaging with art and symbolism.

Second, I’m going to trial a workbook approach to the homework. Each student will get access to a PDF workbook you can download and enter your answers into as you go through the course. If you complete the workbook, you can submit it and we’ll book a video to give you feedback and have a chat.

This is all in progress now and I hope to have it all up in the next few weeks.

Tim Mansfield
Bishop of New South Wales
Bishop Tim is the rector of the Parish of St Uriel the Archangel in Sydney and Bishop of New South Wales. He serves on the Apostolic Council of the AJC. He was ordained in 2008 and consecrated to the episcopacy in 2012.
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