Next Courses

This is all in progress now and I hope to have it all up in the next few weeks.

Fateful words, my friends. I posted that sentence 3 months ago and here we are. Life has a way of getting in the way of plans and mine got very busy just after posting that.

In the interests of staying connected with you and also maintaining my own sanity, I’m going to start approaching some of the material for new courses in the form of blog articles. These will be published every Wednesday and – if you’re signed up to the School newsletter – you’ll see them via email as soon as they go out.

I’ll be releasing lessons for the new courses in small batches, just like I did for the Intro to Johannite Concepts course. This will start in the last quarter of this year:

  • Introduction to Johannite Practice – starts 14 October with some lectures on a framework for thinking about practice from a perspective useful for transformation – What is it for? What counts as practice? How should you think about practice?
  • Introduction to Gnosticism – starts 2 December with an introduction to early Gnostic texts, then a deeper dive specifically into Apocryphon Iohannis, often called “The Secret Book of John”. This is less of a disinterested, objective survey of Gnosticism and more of a “this is how Gnosticism looks from an AJC perspective” – more of the theological mainstream approach we took in the Concepts course.

What I’ll be blogging over the coming weeks is initially some additional material for the Concepts course and then some articles foreshadowing some of what’s coming in the courses. So keep an eye out mid-week for that. Note that I’m in Australia, so I may mean Thursday for you, depending on where you are.

See you then!

Blog image by rawpixel on Unsplash