Updates on the Practice course

I’m closing in on a final draft for the “Introduction to Johannite Practice” course. 

I think foreshadowed a mid-October launch, which I’ve just missed, but the beginning of the course is not too far off. Like the previous course, this one will drip out week by week for a while until it’s (temporarily) complete.

Other than being drip-fed, it is – like the Concepts course – self-paced. It should take you a while. There’s a little bit of praxis theory in this, but most of it is introductions (or re-introductions) to practices. So you need to take them up for a while for it to be any use.

I’d like to think this coheres with the concepts introduced in the prior course, so the prior couse is a soft pre-requisite. It also ought to cohere with Introduction to Gnosticism, which is due first half of next year. It probably doesn’t matter much which order you do them in, but I think you’ll be better off if you do all three.

So, updates on the launch date as it becomes feasible. I may emit a preview or two.

I’ll post a topic outline soon.

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

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