The Office of the Hours

The Office of the Hours is a cycle of daily prayers used by monastics all over the world. Each major Christian denomination has a form of the daily office, though they go by different names.

… including the AJC. Our daily office has, until recently, only been available in hardcopy to members of local groups. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve made a mobile-first, online version generally available.

Here is the official announcement from His Eminence Shaun McCann –

It’s a difficult time out there right now but we hope that with additional avenues for spiritual practice – it will help keep your hearts full, your eyes focused, and relieve some justified anxiety, and honour the Sacred Flame that burns in the heart of humanity, while we’re at it.

Here, having only been in print for members and being made available to all online, is the Apostolic Johannite Church’s Liturgy of the Hours.

My thanks to Bishop Tim Mansfield, Bishop-Elect Scott Rassbach and Deacon Michael Lux for their work on print edition and for Msgr. Rassbach for making it online ready – the readings automatically get inserted into the office.

His Eminence has recorded a lecture about the Office as a tradition in general and about our specific form of it, which you can hear on The Lectern podcast. Or just hit “play” here –

You can access The Office of the Hours whenever you like, on whichever device you care to. Once you’ve opened the site, just select which of the four offices you’d like to read and use the red buttons at the top of the screen to move through the prayers and readings. It’s great on a phone.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash