Progress – Intro to Practice

As I warned, progress on the Practice course has been slow. My plan was to start adding new course units in August – and I did get started on it in August – but it’s taken a little longer to get things flowing properly.

I’ve now published the first two modules – each of which has a couple of units in them – and new modules will appear as I complete them. What’s going to change from here on is that I’m going to stop promising and apologising.

I got some lovely feedback from folks after publishing that Getting Realistic post almost all of which was a variation on, “it’s fine, take care of yourself, we get it”. So I’m going to take you seriously. I’m fitting the work on this in as I’m able and I’ll be putting out new modules one by one as they’re complete.

The second module “One Prayer to Begin” has several practice pieces in it and some guided meditations you can download. I’d like to encourage you to actually take the practices up for at least a few days and keep notes on your experiences. This is a practice course, after all. You won’t get much out of it by watching the lectures and not trying things out.

I acknowledge that some people would prefer to do the whole course in one go, not in sync with my personal ebbs and flows. If that’s you, then click the button and let me know – I’ll just keep working and send you all an email when the whole thing’s complete.

Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash