Getting Realistic

The Introduction to Practice course has turned out to be more complex than I imagined to put together. Things almost always are, so this is not a great surprise. What has been a surprise is how difficult I’ve found it to deal with that complexity alongside my day job over the last six months.

Last September, I took on an unusually large, very taxing project for an important client at work. The project was obviously going to be difficult, but the schedule had it finishing in January. As I write this at the very end of March, it seems obvious that it has at least two or three months left to go.

Work has its ebbs and flows, but this project has had no breaks, often demands 12-14 hour days and work on the weekend. The non-work time I do have has to accommodate church work for my parish, for our local diocese, time with my partner, friends and family and just a little to rest and recuperate from the stress of the week. This has made it very difficult to find the solid blocks of time I need to continue the development and recording of the Practice course.

I anticipated that I’d be able to squeeze small blocks of work in to keep it moving forward, or that the the work project would finish, but neither have been feasible. To make matters worse, I’ve been in denial and pretending to myself and you that the first lectures are just around the corner.

They are not. I need a sequence of whole days to draft, record and edit the course and I don’t have it. Realistically, I won’t have it until mid-year.

So with apologies to everyone who’s been waiting – the Practice course is on-hold until 1 August 2019, at which point I’ll re-start publishing course lectures, one per week, over several months. You’re welcome to enrol in the course at any time, but there will be no new material until August.

I’ve added a forum for the practice course – you’ll need to be enrolled in the course to participate in it. For the moment, feel free to use that to share your own thoughts about spiritual practice and ask questions. I’ll do my best to be in there once a week to respond.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash