Introduction to Johannite Concepts – Update 2

I posted this on Facebook back in July:

I know quite a few of you responded to a survey a few months ago about knowledge courses on the topic of Gnosticism and the AJC. I thought I ought to give you an update, since it’s been a while.

This is definitely happening. The first course is in preparation; it will be about basic concepts in AJC thought. In the next few weeks, expect a course outline and a sign up page so you can enrol. The course will be free of charge.

It will be self-paced and delivered mostly by recorded video with some notes and reflection questions. There will be a basic learning site to login to.
If there’s further hold-ups, I’ll talk about them here. Expect the first course to open its doors late August, early September.

I was hoping to get another project wrapped up before the end of July, spend August developing the first course and open it for an initial round of students and feedback around now.

Instead, the other project has dragged on and life has got in the way and I’m just getting the first course moving today.

My current plan for this first course is to make it available in the first week of October 2017.

However, if you’re interested in enrolling in that first course already, here’s a sign-up form. If you add your email, I’ll make sure you hear as soon as it’s ready, and you’ll get updates as they’re available.

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