The Rev. Deacon Matthew Backus

The Rev. Deacon Matthew Backus
Co. Kerry, Ireland

Rev. Matthew was confirmed in the Holy Gnostic Church in 2013 on The Feast of St. Michael the Archangel by Very Rev. Fr. Bray Weaver and was received into the Order of Acolyte during the Patriarchal Mass of the 2014 AJC Conclave.

He has an extensive resume of service and honors in Freemasonry. Rev. Matthew was awarded the Knights of York Cross of Honour in 2016. Having served 7 times as a Past Presiding Officer, a Grand Officer for the Grand Chapter RAM, and much more. He is an S.I. in L’Ordre Martiniste and has been initiated into other traditions including Orders of Knighthood.

Rev. Matthew and his wife, Stephanie were married on June 14, 2015, in front of their immediate family. On June 20, a private Templar Ceremony of Reconnaissance was held. The Sovereign Pontiff and Patriarch, Mar Iohannes IV, who was also present at the ceremony, blessed the marriage in the eyes of the AJC.

On October 2nd, 2016, Rev. Matthew was ordained to the Sacred Order of the Diaconate by His Grace, the Most Reverend Mar Thomas, Primate of the United States of America.

Rev. Matthew is a Senior Stylist in the beauty industry and also enjoys yoga, reading, writing and travel.