The Rev. Father Joseph McCauslin

Rev. Father Joseph McCauslin,
Rector, Parish of St. Eve,
Harrisburg, PA

Father Joseph McCauslin is the parish priest for St. Eve’s Apostolic Johannite Church, servicing the greater Harrisburg area in Pennsylvania.  With a degree in Accounting and over a decade of experience in educational technology, Father McCauslin  has worked his entire career assisting local public school districts in advancing classrooms forward into the 21st century through technology and progressive methods of learning.

Under Father McCauslin’s guidance, St. Eve’s has become a center for Gnostic spirituality, education and community.  Father McCauslin also works on numerous ecumenical projects in the Central PA area.  Working with local, independent Christian and Pagan-based organizations, Father McCauslin works to provide a greater religious alternative in his local and surrounding communities.