Sisters and Brothers,

On behalf of the clergy, seminarians and members of the Apostolic Johannite Church and the Johannite Community in Oregon, I am saddened to report the passing of the Rev. Ms. Constance Crain, well loved Seminarian in the Apostolic Johannite Church.

A keen student of the spiritual path and and a compassionate servant of the Sacred Flame in both her community and the wider Johannite Church – she was a model Johannite and seminarian, and her loss will reverberate for some time to come in the sanctuaries of our community.

Born in Spokane, and residing in Portland, Rev. Ms Constance was active both locally and across the Church during her time with our community, assisting with Our Lady of the Woods Parish in McMinnville, OR and Rose Cross Parish, OR and helping organize a successful Conclave 2018 in Portland, Oregon. Complimenting her spiritual path were her esoteric interests and she was also a member of the Hermetic Society.

In the opening paragraph of one of the essays required for the Formation Program of St. Raphael the Archangel Seminary, Rev. Ms Constance quoted the hymn ‘Have thine own way, Lord” which itself references scripture – “Thou art the potter I am the clay, Mold me and make me after Thy will”.

Gnosis is more than just information, but a relational process of spiritual acquaintanceship with the Divine – this process is mirrored and reflected in the relationship of one human being to another, and in seekers in community.

Constance had a remarkable ability to connect and minister to people, giving them an ear to tell their stories, a joke to lift their spirits, and a cheer for their accomplishments. Her ability to build relationships extended to people from all walks of life, and even in the midst of her own troubles, she would draw out the stories of those around her, and spread the balm of friendship on wounded and lonely souls.

In seeking to be formed and shaped for the work of service, a path for which she was a loving and a gifted exemplar, there was an acquaintanceship that she gifted to the communities and clergy that participated in her formation and journey – that through her own process and journey, we were able to see ourselves clearer, to make our purpose more sure, our work more sincere, and our hearts more full.

The potter is also shaped by the clay, and Constance was a spiritual artisan in her own right, making the Church as a whole, and many people in it, myself especially, better vessels for the Divine.

May the Divine Beloved complete in Eternity, the journey that she began here, in her life of seeking, sincerity and service to the Sacred Flame.

Sovereign Pontiff and Patriarch
The Apostolic Johannite Church