The Apostolic Johannite Church is pleased to announce the upcoming Ordination of the Rev. Chev. Karen Weaver, KTSJ to the Order of the Subdiaconate.

Sister Karen has served for a decade with the Parish of St. Mary Magdalene in Denver, CO,  both at the altar as an Acolyte, assisting at liturgy and leading contemplative practice, and in the pews, as a pillar of the community, supporting and assisting members in their spiritual journey and is a familiar face in the community and the wider AJC.

In addition to her service in the Denver parish, Karen is also a vowed Chevalier of the Order of the Temple and Saint John and is a seminarian with the AJC’s St. Raphael the Archangel Theological Seminary, in which she is now studying towards the Permanent Diaconate.

The Ordination will take place during a celebration of the Johannite Gnostic Mass by the Primate of the United States, on June 6th, 2021.