Liturgical Year

New Year’s Day: January 1
Epiphany: January 6
Hypatia of Alexandria: January 13
Holy Mary, Theotokos, January 16th
Holy Louis Claude de Saint-Martin: January 18
Saint Brigid: February 1
Candlemas Day: February 2
Holy Simon Magus: February 8
Holy Hugues de Payens: February 9
Holy Valentinus: February 14
Holy Giordano Bruno: February 17
Dr. Bernard Raymond Fabre-PalapratFebruary 18
Ash Wednesday: Moveable
Holy Origen of Alexandria: March 3
Holy Pelagius: March 6
Montesegur Day: March 16
Holy Jacques de Molay: March 18
Saint Constant Chevillon, Martyr: March 22
Holy Archangel Gabriel: March 24
The Annunciation of Our Lady: March 25
Palm Sunday: Moveable
Maundy Thursday:Moveable
Good Friday: Moveable
Holy Saturday: Moveable
Easter Sunday: Moveable
Holy Jacob Boehme: April 24th
Saint Catherine of Siena: April 29th
Holy Apostle Philip: May 1
Saint Athanasius: May 2
Holy Apostle James the Just: May 3
St. Julian of Norwich: May 8
Holy Apostle Matthias: May 14
Ascension Day: Moveable
Pentecost: Moveable
Trinity Sunday: Moveable
Corpus Christi: Moveable
St. Sarah the Egyptian: May 24
Holy Joachim von Flora: May 29
St. Joan of Arc: May 30
St. Marguerite Porete: June 1
Holy Columba: June 9
Holy Apostle Barnabas: June 11
Holy Archangel Uriel: June 21

The Nativity of St. John the Baptist: June 24
Holy Josephin Peladan: June 27
Holy Apostles Peter and Paul: June 29
Holy Jean Baptiste Willermoz: July 10
Holy Mary of Magdala: July 22
Feast of the Throne of St. John: July 23

Holy Apostle James the Greater: July 25
Holy Joseph of Arimathea/ Lammas: July 31
Transfiguration of the Lord: August 6
Holy Esclarmonde de Foix: August 13
The Assumption of the Holy Sophia: August 15
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux: August 20
Holy Apostle Bartholomew: August 24
The Descent of the Holy Sophia: September 8
St. Hildegard of Bingen: September 17
Holy Martinez de Pasqually: September 20
Holy Apostle Matthew: September 21
Restoration Day: September 22
Holy Archangel Michael: September 29
St. Francis of Assisi: October 4
Martyrdom of the Holy Templars: October 13
St. Teresa of Avila: October 15
Holy St. James the Just: October 23
Holy Nestorius: October 25
Holy Apostles Simon & Jude: October 28
All Saints Day: November 1
All Soul’s Day: November 2
Holy Theoclete: November 4
St. Martin’s Day / Martinmas: November 11
St Gregory Palamas: November 14
St. Albertus Magnus: November 15
All Gnostic Saints: November 22
Holy Apostle Andrew: November 30
Advent Sunday: Moveable
Holy St. Nicholas: December 6
Saint John of the Cross: December 14
Holy Apostle Thomas: December 21
Holy Archangel Raphael: December 22
Adam and Eve: December 24
Nativity of the Divine Light: Christmas Day: December 25
Saint Stephen: December 26
Holy Apostle John, the Beloved: December 27


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