Celebrating Advent 2020

Fr. John’s home Advent candleholder.

The chaos that has defined 2020 has certainly made its presence felt in recent weeks. In addition to the usual frenetic ramp up to the holidays, our weary world is seeing a resurgence in the virus that is causing the current pandemic. Not that there is ever a good or even convenient time for a deadly contagion, but its ravages during a time that is traditionally marked by gatherings with family and friends, public celebrations, and long-distance travel are particularly trying. Suffice it to say that with all that has been going on, I find myself a week behind in my blogging and finally saying something about this season of Advent at the start of its second week. Apropos for this year, right?

As we light the second of our Advent candles, I want you all to know that you and your families are in my thoughts and prayers. Advent is the season of anticipation – anticipation of the arrival of the Divine Light. It is doubly a season of anticipation this year as we await news of vaccine distribution and the softening of restrictions and as we eagerly hope for word that it is safe for us to once again be with the ones we love. We truly have much on which to reflect and pray this Advent season. To help, I want to share an excellent piece on the meaning of Advent as written by the Patriarch of the Apostolic Johannite Church, His Eminence, Mar Ioannes IV. You can read it here.

Wishing you a blessed observance,

Fr. John

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