St. Gerasimos Narthex

A Community of the Apostolic Johannite Church

The Rev. Mr. Jonathan Masters

The Rev. Mr. Jonathan Masters was raised in the Harrisburg metropolitan city of Camp Hill before journeying northward to settle in Clearfield County with his wife and five cats. He graduated summa cum laude from Susquehanna University earning degrees in Psychology and Music. A lifelong bibliophile and seeker of the erudite and spiritual, Brother Jonathan eventually found his way to the St. Gerasimos Narthex in State College where he has served as the Narthex Leader for the past several years.

Jonathan is a Freemason under the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania jurisdiction, and has also been know on occasion to don his Shriner’s fez. At the Apostolic Johannite Church Conclave of 2018, he received Minor Orders and is currently an active Seminarian working in the scholarly and ecumenical realms toward ordination as a Deacon. As a personal doctrine, Brother Jonathan affirms the Divine nature of all human beings, and works to foster a welcoming community where people can search for their own Gnosis through the inspiration and guidance of both ancient and modern-day Wisdom.