Rev. Brother Mark Ritchey Donato

Rev. Brother Mark Ritchey Donato
Prior of the Oblates of Saint John
Denver, Colorado

Brother Mark Donato is an oblate and prior in the Order of the Temple and Saint John.  Raised in the Episcopal Church and Jungian psychology, he went on to study and practice Santeria briefly and then both Tibetan Buddhism and Thai Theravada Buddhism for twenty years.

Mark found Gnosticism and the AJC in the course of finding a home for his experience and practice within the context of the western tradition he grew up in.  He is excited to practice a contemplative, lay monasticism in the Johannite tradition. Mark is a Martinist and a parishioner of St. Mary Magdalene AJC Church in Denver, Colorado.

Mark is a school teacher and sculptor and lives with his wife and daughter and two small dogs. He enjoys teaching and making things with kids, and talking and joking late into the night with his family.

Prior Mark can be reached via [email protected]