Ordination to the Priesthood: The Rev. Joseph McCauslin

joeyThe Apostolic Johannite Church is pleased to announce the upcoming ordination of the Rev. Joseph McCauslin to the Sacred Order of the Priesthood for service with the Parish of St Eve’s Apostolic Johannite Church in Harrisburg, PA.

Deacon Joseph McCauslin is a native resident of South Central Pennsylvania where he currently serves as the Rector for St. Eve’s Apostolic Johannite Church.  With many years of experience working with alternative spiritualty and independent, sacramental churches in the local area, Joseph has been instrumental in developing the Sangreal Chapel, a network of small independent Christian churches in the South Central Pennsylvania area whose purpose is to share ideas, resources, knowledge and skills amongst each other to service a larger progressive, Christian community and to help build and foster struggling congregations.  In addition, many years of service and study in various magical and mystical circles give him the ability and the experience to provide spiritual and intellectual consultation to many local non-Christian groups and organizations.

Deacon Joseph currently is a proud member of the Harrisburg City School District and serves as their Assistant Technology Manager in Harrisburg, PA.  Serving the children of Harrisburg for 10 years, Joseph dedicates his life’s work to providing technological tools, skills and experience in real world, 21st century application to inner-city children in order help them succeed in both post-secondary education and in life.  Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Joseph is self-taught in the field of technology and serves as a model on how alternative learning is changing not only today’s work force but also the world and fuels him to enhance the education and resources of today’s student through contemporary, technological means.  Always wanting to be of service to this community, Joseph seeks to pursue a degree in Foreign Language education and the opportunity write curriculum to assist students in enhancing their English acquisition through foreign language skills.

A citizen of Harrisburg PA, Joseph lives with his partner of 10 years, Father Joseph Cowan, a priest in the Old Catholic tradition and their two dogs, Jupiter and Allison-Janney.

Joseph will be ordained to the Priesthood by the Primate of the United States at Conclave 2013 in Chicago, Illinois.

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