Conclave 2014: Dr. Gregory Singleton

January 21st, 2014

member_133648382The Apostolic Johannite Church is pleased to announce a welcome addition to its already substantial Conclave lineup – Dr. Gregory Singleton.

Gregory Holmes Singleton is a native of Alabama, and a resident of Chicago for the past 43 years.  Prior to settling in the Chicago area in 1970, he lived in California (earning his B.A. in History, Philosophy and English at California State University, Northridge), New York City (earning his M.Div. at Union Theological Seminary), and back to California (earning his Ph.D. in History at UCLA).  He has taught at Northwestern University, Seabury-Western Seminary, and Northeastern Illinois University, where he became Professor of History Emeritus upon his retirement in 2005.  Singleton was a post-doctoral fellow in social theory at the Committee for Social Thought (University of Chicago) and a senior research fellow at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Religion (University of Chicago).  He has published widely on the social, intellectual and cultural history of religion in the United States.

Dr. Singleton will be speaking on The (relatively small) Limitations and (ENORMOUS) Advantages of Educating and Forming Clergy on a Shoestring Budget.

Dr. Singleton has four decades of experience in secular higher education, teaching as an adjunct in a mainline seminary, and coordinating the education and formation of prospective clergy and the continuing education of clergy and laity in small Independent Sacramental Movement communities.  He will lay out both the limitations and advantages (as well as the opportunities and pitfalls) of planning, implementing and sustaining educational and formational programs in small communities with limited financial resources.  Following that, he will invite open and extended discussion of both conceptual and pragmatic issues associated with this topic.

For more information, see his curriculum vitae and list of on-line articles and blogs 

Giaocchino da Fiore Part III

January 9th, 2014

Conclave 2014 Registration

January 6th, 2014

Registration for Conclave is now live. Our schedule is loaded with great things to learn and do, and we’ve got more speakers planned in addition to what is listed there. As these are finalized, we will be updating you.

Conclave 2014

December 27th, 2013

sealThe Apostolic Johannite Church is pleased to announce the fifteenth AJC Conclave – 21-27 May, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois, nestled in the beautiful neighbourhood of Lincoln Park

Each year the people of the AJC, friends and family gather together to socialize, learn, build our skills and deepen our community.

Conclave offers lectures, workshops and panel discussions selected to develop ministry skills, support the work of church leaders both lay and ordained and deepen and enrich the spiritual lives of attendees. Conclave is also rich in social time, time to eat, talk, pray and practice together. It’s like a retreat and a conference all rolled into one.

As always, we welcome you, no matter who you are or what your spiritual path, to join us for this unique week together. You can come for all or part and participate as much or as little as you’d like. However you choose, we welcome you into our household.

Our featured lecture and speaker this year is none other than Dr. Zlatko Pleše.

Dr. Pleše is the author of Poetics of the Gnostic Universe, co-editor and translator (with Bart Ehrman) for The Other Gospels: Accounts of Jesus from outside the New Testament, and The Apocryphal Gospels: Texts and Translations. He is associate Professor of Ancient Mediterranean Religions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Completing his Doctorate at Yale University, Dr. Pleše specialized in early Christianity, ancient Philosophy and the Coptic language, among others.

Continuing what is becoming a Conclave tradition of examining the Apocryphon of John- Dr. Pleše will be spending time with us on the text with his talk entitled Poetics of the Gnostic Myth. In previous years, we have looked at the Apocryphon of John, first with an excellent talk by Dr. Birger Pearson and then with an open discussion with the Patriarch in Chicago.

This year, we are very proud to present to you an exciting and engaging list of speakers and activities to go with our featured speaker- and equally proud to note that our list is not actually complete, as more are coming on board at the time of this writing. We will be making small announcements as more are added.

Without further preamble- here are some of the talks and workshops we have at the time of this announcement:

  • Dr. Zlatko Pleše - Poetics of the Gnostic Myth
  • Dr. William Behun, Primate of the United States – Two Lectures: The Sacrament of Confession, and Time and Ritual
  • Dr. Timothy Mansfield, Bishop of New South Wales – Spiritual Exercises for Groups
  • Dr. Jeffrey Kupperman – The Anagogic Role of Sunthemata in the Sacramental Liturgy of Pseudo-Dionysius
  • Bishop Lainie Petersen – Divination as a Spiritual Practice
  • Monsignor Scott Rassbach – The Johannite Rosary
  • Monsignor Jordan Stratford – Psychological First Aid
  • The Very Rev. Father Tony Silvia – Johannite Spirituality
  • The Rev. Father Donald Donato – A Journey into the Mind of God
  • Father Bray Weaver – Lay Ministry and Counseling
  • Father Joseph McCauslin – Parish and Narthex Education
  • The Rev. Deacon John DiGilio – Damning the Flesh
  • Alan Salmi – Astrology for Beginners

We have several different options and packages to choose from for registration – all of which are a fantastic value.

Individual Full Week registration is $900 USD and includes all workshops/lectures, meals and lodgings for the duration of Conclave.

Couples Full Week registration is $1500 USD and includes all workshops/lectures, meals and lodgings for the duration of Conclave.

Single Weekend Retreat – Meals, Lodging and workshops from Friday (Supper) to Sunday (Lunch) inclusive. $350

Couple Weekend Retreat – Meals, Lodging and workshops from Friday (Supper) to Sunday (Lunch) inclusive, for two! $550

If you’re in the Chicago area, and prefer to stay off site, we have the ‘Commuter’ option which is $50 per day for students or $70 per day for non-students and includes all workshops and lectures for the selected day as well as all meals. Please note that this does not include lodging.

Finally, individual full day registration is $100 per day and includes all workshops and lectures and meals for the selected day, as well as lodging for the evening of the same day.

As you can see, this promises to be an event to be remembered, and we hope you will join us!

Registration will open soon, so stay tuned.

AJC Announces Indiana Expansion

December 26th, 2013

The Apostolic Johannite Church is pleased to announce the creation of a new mission in Indiana, USA. The Mission Hugues de Payens is based in the town of Chesterton, Indiana, and will operate under the direction and with the support of the Parish of St. John the Revelator in nearby Chicago, Illinois. The Rev. Dcn. John DiGilio of St. John’s will serve in the capacity of Mission Leader.

The members of the new Mission chose to name their group in honor of Hugues de Payens, the co-founder and first Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Events and news regarding the new Mission can be found on St. John’s website at The group is currently planning a monthly celebration of the Eucharist and social gatherings to begin in early 2014. Please stay tuned for more details very soon.

The Apostolic Johannite Church is a global network of Johannite communities that focus on supporting individual and direct experience of the Divine through fellowship, meditation and prayer, service and ritual, lively discussion and study. It is headquartered in Calgary, Canada, and has groups in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain. For more information, please visit

Dr. William Behun – Giaocchino da Fiore: Part II

December 21st, 2013

Dr. William Behun – Giaocchino da Fiore – Part I

December 5th, 2013

Self-Care for Caregivers Part III

November 28th, 2013

Self Care for Caregivers Part II

November 14th, 2013

St. Sarah the Egyptian Parish- New Web Home.

October 30th, 2013

If you’re in Boston, you’ll want to check out the Parish of St. Sarah the Egyptian’s new web home at

Even if you’re not in the area, it’s worth a look as they provide articles, resources and links that go beyond the parish.